Hi! I'm Sergio Torrini and I'm glad to have you here.  I was born in Turin (Torino) but I've been living in Rome since the late eighties.  During the years of "political challenge" I attended the scientifically oriented lyceum in Turin, but then, to "challenge" more I didn't sign up to University (one thing I really regret).  I immediately started working as a salesclerk at Turin Airport and shortly after I was called in the Army.  My first important job was with Alitalia Airlines, in 1974, where for five years I was a Flight Assistant.  Following a short experience with  Meridiana Airlines, I entered tourism as a Tour Director, still my profession today.  Valtur, Ventana, Aston Travel and most of all Alpitur: with these Italian companies I traveled a great deal of the world, escorting Italian groups.  In the meantime I married Monica and I started up a family: Elisa, Mattia and  Samuele.  In 1994 I switched onto the "incoming" branch of tourism: nowadays I escort groups of American tourists who come to visit beautiful Italia.  Unfortunately I've returned a single man again but, as they say, "every cloud has a silver lining". Right in my mid sixties, I consider myself  a pretty satisfied and moderately happy man, (can do better, though).  I live in Roma, at Giardinetti.  Ciao and came back soon!